About our Food

  1. All of our food is made from 100% Canadian, CFIA certified, human grade, HORMONE and ANTIBIOTIC FREE meats!

  2. We offer a variety of protein sources, both pure formulas and gourmet blends that are a complete balanced diet for all breeds! These come in convenient 1lb, 2lb and 4lb containers.

  3. Grain, filler and preservative FREE

  4. Once we make our food it is then frozen immediately to ensure that your dog receives the freshest meal!

  5. Loaded with natural proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals essential for your pets health, giving your dog all the benefits of a raw diet.

The Benefits of Raw

  1. A natural raw diet is much easier to digest, allowing your dog to absorb all the nutrients, resulting in much less poop to scoop! And what is left is firmer and easier to clean up.
  2.  Because there are no added starches or carbohydrates, you will notice much healthier, whiter teeth with no tartar build up! We also suggest feeding raw meaty bones 2-4 times a week to assist with complete dental hygiene.
  3. You will notice a much healthier, shiny coat with less shedding!
  4. GRAIN FREE = reduced food related allergies and skin issues!
  5.  No more bad breathe or doggy odour!
  6.  Easier natural weight management!
  7. A much healthier overall dog means less expensive trips to the vet!
    Puppies need to eat a higher % of there body weight. Any where from 5-8%.    


Puppies need to eat a higher % of there body weight. Any where from 5-8%.