New to Raw?

Here are a bunch of helpful tip and pointers that can make the transition go smoothly and start your dog on its way to a healthier, longer life!

  • When starting out, you should start with a nice simple protein like pure chicken and feed this for the first week allowing their stomach to get back into its natural digestive state before switching to some other proteins.
  • Skip one meal before feeding raw, allowing the body to fully rid itself of the kibble.
  • Allow the raw food to reach room temperature for the first few days while also adding some probiotics and digestive enzymes to avoid any possibilities of an upset stomach. (some good additives for digestion are digest forte, plain yogurt or pumpkin)
  • If your dog chooses not to eat it at first, don't worry, it is most likely just unsure of the new texture and smell, simply put it back in the fridge and offer it again at their next mealtime.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer samples?

Yes! Come into the store for a free sample to see what your dog has been missing!


Should I be worried about salmonella?

No, this is a common misconception that floats around and is used to promote kibble. Dogs have a much different digestive tract than people. Their stomachs are highly acidic and are designed to handle and kill bacteria. Plus the rate of which raw diets pass through the dogs system is much faster and does not allow time for bacteria to colonize. As for people, just continue to use safe handling practices and wash everything that comes in contact with the meat, just as you would when preparing any other meal.