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Sherry Collins - Creative Pet Solutions Dog Training and Darrowby Bearded Collies

 As a breeder of Bearded Collies, giving my dogs a healthy lifestyle and natural diet is very important to me.

I highly recommend Raw Performance Dog Food for top quality raw dog food.  They have a nice, clean facility and are very helpful, friendly and courteous.

I feed Raw Performance Dog Food to all of my dogs – young and old. My Beardies are healthy and have great coats and clean, white teeth and they love their food! No picky eaters at our house!

Raw Performance Dog Food helps keep my Beardies bouncing!


I am so surprised how much my dog has enjoyed Raw Performance Dog Food. Not only does he try to eat his servings in one gulp, but he is left staring at his bowl and begging for more. He loves it! And I love it too. Since my dog has food allergies, it is difficult to find food that doesn't cause him issues. Raw Performance not only relieves his allergies, but also helps with his overall health.




I just wanted to say that my pets love the Raw Performance Dog Food. I have purchased raw food from several suppliers in the past and I can truly say this is the first time I can see all my pets enjoying and looking forward to their meal. I have 6 pets on it and everyone is fighting over the food and just can't get enough of it. Thank you Grant and Raw Performance Dog Food!



Nyx is our Bull Mastiff pup who absolutely loves the Raw Performance Dog Food. She barks and paws at us until its in her bowl. She almost dances for it and gets impatient while we are getting it ready. Her coat is so soft and shiny from the food. We also have a boxer, age 8, who also loves it and i have noticed how soft his fur has become too. He doesn't dance like Nyx does, but he eagerly waits for his serving. 

I have never seen two pups go so crazy for food before. I would definitely recommend Raw Performance for your fur baby.

Sandra Fernandes,

I have an English bulldog, he always suffered from allergies causing an infection of yeast in his ears. I tried so many different kinds of food and nothing worked, he kept getting his reactions. That was until I tried Raw Performance Dog Food, in less than a month I noticed a difference in his coat shedding and all his allergies were gone.

I finally found something that's wonderful thanks to Raw Performance Dog Food!


Hi, my name is George and I have a 6 month old cane corso, after switching to raw performance his coat has an unbelievable shine he looks like a black panther! Not to mention his weight gain, in one month he looks like a different dog, thanks to raw performance for the amazing quality raw food!


I have 2 pugs (Gambit and Bishop) that are so absolutely in love with raw performance dog food. Bishop has a lot of food allergies to different dog food and now that he eats a raw diet I haven’t had any issues!! He also had issues with his back legs since he was a pup and couldn't run for too long or jump up, but now!! Wow he’s running and able to jump up on the couch. This food is just amazing! No more bad breath, their coats are softer, more energy and they just go nuts for raw performance! Thank you so much Grant for introducing your amazing product into my life! I will ALWAYS feed my dogs this diet.


Just started feeding Kimi the raw diet, she absolutely loves it. I also noticed a marked improvement in her coat ‎, much shinier and healthier. Would strongly recommend any pet owners who are health conscious for their pet to make the switch to raw.